A two-day conference to help you share your testimony, reach loved ones, and live out the Great Commission in everyday life

AMP Conference 2018

AMP features multiple speakers, all leaders in Christian apologetics, in hopes to cultivate sound reason and awareness in key issues in today’s outreach efforts. AMP’s mission—Equip to Evangelize—is designed to prepare Christians to use apologetic tools in evangelism to become confident witnesses to a skeptical world.

Date: February23-Feb 24, 2018
Time: 4:00:00 PM

Location: Christ's Church of the Valley
Address:  1404 West Covina Boulevard
San Dimas, CA 91773

Type of event: Multi-day conference

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Come Reason brandmark Convincing Christianity
Lenny Esposito is a voice of truth to this generation.

Sean McDowell, PhD:

"Lenny Esposito is a voice of truth to this generation. He has been equipping Christ followers and lovingly challenging skeptics for many years — both adults and especially students."
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